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with namelike this how couldI refuse


Were Name: Dark Raven wolf, DW for short
Phenotype: Irish wolf/dingo cross breed
Shifting Ability:

Therian with dreams of being lycanthropic

Birthdate: 1983
Birthplace: Sydney
Home Territory: Western Australia
Dream Territory: any natural area


Physical Description
Human: Male 5” 11’, brown hair, hazel eyes, the bad side of fit build,

Were: an Irish wolf with white short hair fur, emerald eyes, hybrid same build, wolf boy just the ears and tail


Human Career: security guard
Hobbies/Interests: (hell see my profile

Favourite Were-movie: Wolf with Jack Nicholson

Favourite Were
Literature: Blood and Chocolate.by Annette Curtis Klaus

Favourite Quote: “sometimes the only sane response to the world is the insane”
Favourite Were Saying: GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... (Actually works wonders in all sorts of situations!)

Favourite Personal Quote: “Perception of a reality is as important as the reality it’s self If you control the perception, you can control the reality”

Favourite Season: Spring
Favourite Holidays: Christmas/new year

Preferred Prey: innocent naive things

Hunting Tips: stay low, stay silent, attack hard and fast, don’t let up in till you have too

Preferred Method of
Attack: surprise

Favourite Non-Were
Mythological Beast: dragons

Feelings Toward
Vampires: they don’t bite me I don’t bite them

Feelings Toward Normal
Humans: they are fun and useful


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