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Hi! My name is Vanilla (That feels funny to say~) and I'm 18, and I'm brand new to this furry thing. I'm female, and my Fursona is a Sheep.
I've found that apparently, my attraction to my fursona of a sheep/lamb is unusual.

I've sort of pushed away my furry thoughts. People would make fun of furries, I noticed, and would say mean things. It made me scared, and kind of sad... I had a furry friend, and he got a lot of hate and issues aimed at him. But, I can't push it away anymore. Weirdly enough, I was watching "Beauty and the Beast" and got the feeling that I liked the Beast better. <3 (I was attracted to him. *.*) I'm sort of shy and embarassed to say that!

I would really enjoy some kind people to be my friend, and people to converse with. Thanks~! <3

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