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Still Quite New to the Fandom

Hello! I'm quite glad I discovered this community, since I consider myself to be relatively new to furry fandom, and I still feel like I don't really know much about it. It seems like most of the furries I know have been involved in the fandom for at least 5 years or so. For some reason, I tend to think of the the fandom as being rather secretive and exclusive, perhaps even elitist. However, I'm always thankful to find out more about furries and furry culture!

Anyway, I completed the furvey for myself. I realise that some of my answers may be slighly weird, though:


1.  What is your name?
Bruno Meles

2.  What is your email address?
    [if you are concerned about spam, you can replace the @ with a *]

3.  Are you male or female?

4.  How old are you? / What is your date of birth?


5.  Where do you live?
Lancashire, England

6.  What are your interests/hobbies?
Videogames, reading and drawing, to name a few.

7.  What do you do for a living?
I'm currently in education.

8.  How would you describe your personality?
I tend to be quite shy and insecure, but I try to be friendly when I'm online.

9.  Do you believe in ESP? Do you consider yourself to be psychic?

No, and I don't consider myself to be psychic.

10. Are you a meat eater?

Furry media

[more info:]

1. Who are your favourite furry characters?
    [e.g. Mickey Mouse, Chester Ringtail, Amy Squirrel, Sonic etc]

I'd say Sonic and Garfield, if they count as furry characters. There are other characters I like, but there are too many to list.

12. What type of furry artwork do you enjoy viewing?
    [erotic/romantic/pin-up, manga, goth, cyber/sci-fi, violent, action,
    cutesy/toony, photomorphs/realistic, mythological, humorous etc]

I mostly enjoy looking at cutesy/toony art.
13. What type of furry literature do you enjoy reading?
    [erotic/romantic, adventure, cyber/sci-fi, violent, humorous/parody,
    transformation/shapeshifting etc]

I guess I'd probably enjoy either adventure or humourous/parody.

14. What types of furry media do you create?
    [art, stories, music etc. Feel free to mention a URL here]

I mostly draw pictures, plus I've made a comic strip series.

15. What types of animal/furry themed decorations adorn your living space?
    [posters, drawing, calenders etc]

None, apart from some Sonic plushies and a Garfield poster.
16. Describe your ideal plushie.
I don't really have any ideas about how to decribe my ideal plushie. If it's soft, then I guess it's perfectly OK.

Costumes and collars

17. Do you enjoy wearing fursuits and/or furry accessories?
    [collars, tails, ears etc]

For me, that's not an easy question. I admit that I probably don't truly want a fursuit, but
somehow I feel like there's pressure to get one. Despite being told that only a minority of
furries actually have them, I still think that most furries do have fursuits, and those who
don't are planning to get one. Basically, I feel like I can't be a 'real' furry if I don't
have a fursuit. However, I guess there are some occasions where it'd be fun to wear a

18. Do you feel 'furrier' when wearing a fursuit/collar/tail etc?
I wouldn't know, because I've never worn any of those things.

19. Describe your favourite/ideal 'furry' appearance.
    [e.g. wearing animal-themed clothes, fursuit, tail, collars...]

I'd be quite happy with an accurate likeness of my fursona.



['phenotype' - the species of animal(s) that influence your feelings,
emotions and thoughts]

20. What are your phenotype(s)?
A badger, specifically the European species.

21. How/when did you discover the identity/species of your phenotype?
I can't remember, since I've known about badgers for years.

22. What conditions help you to enjoy/express your furriness?
Mainly through drawing, I guess.

23. How and when was your furriness first evident?
It's hard to tell. While I think my furriness was probably first evident towards the end of
last year, I've had an interest in anthropomorphic animals for quite a long time.

24. How much of your furriness is 'instinct' vs 'learnt'?
I'm not sure. I guess I've had to learn most things I know about furries, though.

25. How does your furriness influence your thoughts and emotions?
Probably not at all, except that I tend to be interested in mainstream opinions about furry

26. Has your furriness improved the quality of your life?
Sort of. I feel like I can express myself, and I've made a few friends over the Internet.
But I tend to get jealous of other furries quite easily.

27. What do you think caused your furriness?

I think it happened when I started watching a cartoon called 'The Raccoons' a couple of
years ago. I remember seeing it as a young child, and since they'd brought it back, I was
feeling nostalgic and decided to watch it. When I realized how much I enjoyed it, I looked
at several websites to find other people who felt the same way. I couldn't help but notice
that many of the show's fans identified themselves as 'furries', and that they seemed to
have some kind of unusual culture amongst themselves. Eventually, I decided to embrace
certain aspects of furriness myself.

Acting furry

28. How does your furriness manifest itself externally?
    [conciously or subconciously; howling, walking digitigrade etc]
Not in any way, as far as I'm aware.

29. Do you act furry in public?

30. How does your furriness influence the way you interact with people?
It doesn't seem to have any influence whatsoever.

31. How much control do you have over your furriness?

    [does it have negative side effects; has it ever manifested itself

I'd say I control it quite well, but I'm not entirely sure.

Furry thoughts

32. Would you become an animal/furry, if you -couldn't- change back?
Yes, as long as it wouldn't result in too many problems.

33. Describe your ideal physical form.
Cute and fluffy, I suppose.
34. What kind of furry, non-sexual fantasies do you have?
I often think it'd be more interesting if people were real-life furries of various species,
instead of just being humans.


35. Is your furriness compatible with your religion?
I'm not particularly religious, so I guess my furriness isn't a problem.

36. Has your furriness led you to reconsider your religious beliefs?
37. Have you ever communicated with an animal spirit?
    [animal guardian, the spirit of a living animal, the spirit of a
    deceased pet etc]

No, it's not like I'm some kind of shaman!

38. Do you believe that you were an animal in a former life?
Probably not. I'm not even sure I've had any former lives.

39. Do you believe that you have an animal soul?

No, but it's not really something I've thought about much.


40. What animals are you most/least comfortable with?
I'd probably feel comfortable with most domestic animals, like dogs or cats. I don't think
I'd feel comfortable with large predators, such as polar bears.

41. Do you believe that animals have ESP?
No, but I guess some animal instincts can be quite strange.

42. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for food?
It seems OK to me.

43. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for fur/leather?

Usually not, but then again I do have a 'real leather' wallet.

44. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for sport?
I'm generally opposed to hunting mammals, but fishing doesn't bother me.



45. What are your favourite websites?
    [furry or nonfurry]

Some of my favourite websites include Wikipedia and deviantART.

46. What are your favourite furry mailing lists?

I haven't signed up to any furry mailing lists. I'm not sure if there are any that'd
interest me.

(I decided to skip questions 47-50, because I don't know much about


[Remember, feel free to omit any questions which you would prefer not
 to answer]

51. Describe your ideal partner.
    [species, appearance, personality etc]
Well, I came up with a female kangaroo character. She's pretty fat, and I like to think she
has a warm, kind-hearted personality.
52. What type of furry sexual fantasies do you have?
I'm not sure how to put it. Sometimes (though not always), I have a thing for fat
furs/weight gain. Sorry if I'm starting to sound perverted. I mainly just fantasize about
cuddling them, though.

53. Has your gender preference changed since discovering the furry


54. What species of animal do you find the sexiest?
    [with regards to furry cartoon characters, pin-ups, real
    animals etc]

Kangaroos, I guess. Probably something to do with their shape.
55. What part of an animal's body do you find the most attractive/sexy?
I'd say the hips, especially plump, round ones...

56. What cartoon characters are/were you attracted to?
I can't think of any.
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