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[Mod post] A Furrywelcome Furvey?

This is something that's struck me on a few occasions recently. (I must get better at ducking!) The Furvey as it stands is almost unchanged from the one which was used to delurk on the alt.lifestyle.furry Usenet newsgroup a decade ago, and it isn't entirely ideal for a community such as Furrywelcome. Perhaps we could try to put together a Furvey which would fit better here, so any ideas for questions, subjects to be covered (or not!), suitable length etc would be more than welcome. Of course, if you think it's fine as it is, please feel free to say that too. =:)

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I think the current furvey does it's job just fine to be honest. It covers all the questions that are important to do with people's involvement with furryness, and must be doing something right given how many years it's been in use. Or is there a particular gap or missed angle you've noticed, as we could always add a few more questions to cover it? Really, I think what we need to do more is start insisting people put these behind LJ Cuts more often as it is very long, and where relevant tag them as SFW or NSFW as obviously people use it different or focus on different aspects.

Furrywelcome is of course about more than just people posting furveys of course, it's there for questions and such for people new too. Maybe we need to get a few more of those posted around just to spark off things for if there's any people still lurking and finding things out.

Entei-rah [as mod]

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February 28 2010, 17:31:44 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  February 28 2010, 17:39:58 UTC

I've added an extra sentence at the end of my post to make it clear that it's perfectly fine to say that you think it's fine as it is. I didn't have anything specific in mind, though perhaps some mention of the likes of Second Life/WoW, and a modernisation of some of the language ("mailing lists" seems to confuse some people nowadays) would be useful.

With regard to LJ cuts, I agree: it's a shame there's no facility for maintainers to add those (while leaving the actual content intact). I've asked Kurious to LJ-cut his recent post in the comments there.

I've always had mixed feelings about the final section, which is where most of the NSFW concerns come from, I think. It's obviously less of a problem than with images, but given that the profile for Furrywelcome says "Furrywelcome is intended for people of all ages" I think we might perhaps request that answers - to Q52 (sexual fantasies) in particular - not be too explicit.

One thing that did need doing was changing the links to the blank Furvey, since they went to Geocities and are therefore now dead. I've posted it in this post, almost unchanged from the original, though I didn't see any point in leaving "alt.lifestyle.furry" in Qs 47-50 and I've tentatively added a request to Q52 not to be too explicit. I've also extended Q32 to add "if you could change back", since so many people answer it like that anyway! None of this is set in stone, of course.