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Furry terminology - what do you think?

If you're new to furry, you may well have noticed that (like most other fandoms, I suppose) this one has its share of jargon. "Fursona" is a classic example - although some people don't like it and use "character" or "avatar" instead, it has become very widely used. On the other hand, "phenotype", in the sense of the species you identify with, seems almost to have died out now.

What do you think about these terms? Do you embrace them as a way to help you feel closer to the community at large, dislike them as another layer of potential confusion, or not really mind one way or the other. All comments welcome, but especially from newcomers to furry. =:)
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I never really liked them, and now years later that hasn't really changed. [shrugs]
I always liked "pheno", perhaps in part because its meaning in Furry didn't match its meaning in biology—but we can use words to mean whatever we want, because we're furry!

"Pheno" suggests lifestyling while "avatar" implies that your animal is just a game you play online.
I used to stand out against "fursona", but these days I find myself using it more and more. Yes, it's really very silly, but I don't think that's a problem. I haven't gone as far as using "furiend", though, and I doubt I ever will!
Purrhaps "fursona" is a little silly, but from furst principals it's just a shortened form of "furry persona", which 'I fursonally find unobjectionable.

I think "f-list" is just too plain; "ƒ-list" is a little better.  But ƒriend looks silly, while ƒṷriend is just ostentatious Unicode-ism fur its own sake and ƒǔřǐěňď is nearly unreadable.

ursuscal loved to respell words to have "fur" in them, to refer to his fursonal physician as his "vet", etc.  But then last July he was found dead in his easy chair.  Somebody has to carry on the tradition!

One of these days I have to remember to ask sabotlours what
What a dramatic ending! Such a cliffhanger!
I like them because they give me more jargon to toss and I like my jargon/inside references/secret learning/etc.