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furrywelcome's Journal

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Welcome to furry!
Welcome! =:)

furrywelcome is aimed primarily at people who are new to the idea of furry, and/or are coming to terms with the idea that they may be furs themselves. We hope to provide a place where people can talk about their feelings on such matters without feeling that they're asking "stupid newbie questions", that they will not be taken seriously or that they will be targeted by trolls and spammers.

If you already have a LiveJournal account, you can simply join the community as you would any other. We are an open community, and your membership will be active immediately. Note, however, that you can also post without joining - perhaps if you don't want to advertise to others on LJ that you are posting here. Post directly by clicking here.

If you do not have a LiveJournal account, you have two options. You can either sign up for an account (this is free), or you can use the group anonymously. Anonymous users cannot make new posts, but they may view and comment on posts made by others. Please note that to prevent abuse, spam etc, anonymous comments will be screened from general view until passed by a maintainer. If you make an anonymous comment, please give some sort of name - a made-up one is fine - just so we can tell people apart!

If you like (and this is strictly optional) you can introduce yourself by means of a Furvey. This is a longish questionnaire about your furry feelings - here is the text of the Furvey. If you do post a Furvey, please use an lj-cut tag because of its length - see the preceding link or ask a maintainer for help if you are not sure how to do this.

We don't have a huge list of rules to worry about. Really, all that we ask is that you remember that Furrywelcome is intended for people of all ages, and that you respect others in the community. The maintainers will ban trolls and troublemakers quickly, but they are also here to help; please feel free to contact one of them if you are having any problems with this community or with another member. The maintainers are:

Ethethlay (ethethlay) - email ethethlay (at) gmail.com
Loganberry (loganberrybunny) - email loganberrybunny (at) yahoo.co.uk
Entei-rah (enteirah) - email entei-rah (at) tesandco.co.uk

If you'd like more information about us and furry, this can be found in our welcome post. =:)